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The crazy dream that became a reality

Los Algodones, Mexico, is known for its dental services. But we knew this could be done better.

Listening to patient experiences, we’re sad to know that quite a lot of them weremistreated: instead of going through a human-centered, empathetic, and devotedexperience, they lived what they defined as a “dental factory”.

By then, a vision was traced. Something needed to be done, and it had to be done quickly.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, years of experience amassed, and a crazy dream to offer something extraordinary in a land dominated by well-known “get it done quick”dentists, Rose Dental Studio was born.

Now, we bring you this effort that promises exceptional patient service — one you’ll have a hard time not bragging about to your friends and family.

Rose Dental Studio is a tribute.

This dental clinic was named as a tribute to Rosa, Dr. Fernanda’s mother.

Hence, she built this place on values that have defined her family: charisma, authenticity, and kindness. We aspire to excel on those every day.

Meet Dr. Fernanda

Dr. Fernanda Maldonado, a proud graduate from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) has helped many people improve their dental aesthetics. She’s accomplished this through cosmetic, prosthetic, and implant dentistry.

She describes herself as a professional, honest and ethical Doctor of Dental Surgery(DDS).

Dr. Fernanda has built a reputation for building confidence in her patients.

She’s also a proud singer, something she enjoys doing as a hobby.

Ready when you are.

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