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Hey there, I’m Dr. Fernanda.

Since 2013, I’ve helped several North-Americans to rejuvenate their lives by transforming their smiles. I believe that we all fall for people with gorgeous smiles. SoI’ve dedicated all these years to ensure that my patients leave feeling confident and looking stunning.

That’s why I created Rose Dental Studio, a clinic that provides seductive smiles capable of creating a second chapter in your life.

My goal is to redefine what people like you expect from attending a dentist appointment by creating an environment that you can’t help but recommend and smile at every chance you remember.


Our customers and teams achieve amazing results

"From the moment you walk into Rose Dental Studio you are struck with the inviting ambience of the Rose Dental Studio. It is beautifully appointed, immaculately clean, and welcoming."

Peter J. Whalen
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“Very amazing service, they make you feel welcome and like you are part of your family. I am so lucky to have come here and getmy teeth fixed I never thought I would have a correct bite, now I do. Thank you so much!”

Mallory T

“The experience here at Rose Dental Studio was excellent. Dr. Fernanda was conserved and evaluated your dental needs, she informed you of what to expect, She always was concerned with your confort also the quality of the work was outstanding, giving you back a natural smile instead of a fake smile. Now I don't have to hide a misle, because of ugly teeth.”

Patient from South Dakota

“Dr. Fernanda and her staff is very professional, clean and high tech. She worked hard to accomodate my request and had a very high attention to detail. I definitely recommend her.”

Sonja B.
Patient from New York

“Amazing experience, Dr. Fernanda Maldonado is the only dentist I will trust with my smile.”

Bob T.

“When I had some problems with my denture from another dental office, I looked for another dental office and I found Rose Dental Studio. When I entered her office, her assistant Rachel met me with a smiling face and she was very welcoming. Dra. Fernanda is very gentle and very attentive to each word and every pain that the patient says and she finds the most effective and cheapest way to solve every problem with the teeth.”

Marcel M
Patient from Knoxville

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