Superb Dentistry Coupled with a Great Life Experience


From the moment you walk into Rose Dental Studios you are struck with the inviting ambience of the Rose Dental Studios. It is beautifully appointed, immaculately clean, and welcoming. You are immediately put at ease because as they say, “the first impression is the lasting one”. The impression you get from the moment you walk through the doors is, “wow, this space is beautiful”.


Next, you will experience the most patient-centric care I have ever received. Dr. Maldonado’s staff is warm and friendly. You are immediately offered coffee that, if you’re like me, you will assume will be watered down and lukewarm. You would be wrong. The coffee is freshly brewed and delicious!  The restroom is literally sparkling clean. The entertainment system built into the Studios allows you to request from the Studios multimedia platform music of your choice or other multimedia choices. No piped in Muzak.

English Fluency

There is absolutely no language barrier. Dr. Maldonado speaks English fluently and her staff, whose main language is obviously Spanish, has taken the time and effort to learn passable English. Should there be a need to translate from English to Spanish Dr. Maldonado effortlessly translates for them. I am a loquacious person by nature and like to joke around with everyone. Dr. Maldonado was kind enough to translate my jokes with the staff when it appeared by the quizzical look on their faces they did not get the joke then they would just laugh.

Value, Cost/Benefit and Return onInvestment

The entire process of receiving excellent dental care starts with Dr. Maldonado’s skill as a dentist and her ability to establish an easy rapport with you from the minute you are seated in the dental chair. The first step is a full mouth x-ray. They are immediately reviewed byDr. Maldonado. I had been seen by two U.S. based dentist that told me my teeth couldnot be saved and that each would need a post and crown. My out-of-pocket cost for just those two teeth was going to be $12,000 dollars. This did not include a two-tooth bridge that needed replacing and crowns that needed to be replaced. All total the bill in the States was going to approximate $25,000dollars!

Enter Dr. Maldonado and her team which included a root canal specialist.. He looked at the x-rays and said immediately the two teeth that were supposedly not salvageable could be saved. He went right to work. Long story short I received treatment for three root canals, a new titanium bridge better than the one I had, and eight crowns for a total of $3,500 dollars!! A savings to me ofapproximately $22,000 dollars.

The work was done by high quality dental professionals, a range of anesthesia options including nitrous oxide and a dental lab onsite. The preparation for replacement/removal is done in one day. The molds are then sent to the onsite lab and the next day you return for the fittings. Rose Dental Studios takes what in the States would bea multi-trip, multi-month timeline and condenses it into two days!.Remarkable.  

What Drives the Enormous CostDifferential in Dentistry between Mexico and the U.S.?

In a word, insurance. In Mexico there imbursement system is predominantly credit card or cash. The difference is the price of treatment in the U.S. is set artificially high by insurance companies and dental care providers that in turn drives the price flooring for dental work and goes up from there. It’s essentially a “sump pump” system that sucks an inordinate amount of money out of your pocket and puts it into insurance companies and dental providers pockets. I will never again seek treatment for dental care in the U.S. My entire Family and extended Family will receive our care from Rose Dental Studios. I strongly advise you to do the same.

Transportation and Lodging

I happen to live in Seattle. I flew into San Diego and drove to Yuma, AZ. A pleasant 2-hour drive straight up Interstate 8. I stayed in Yuma for 2 nights. Los Algodones, Mexico is 8 miles from Yuma.You park in the Quechan Casino that bears the name of the tribe that owns it. You pay $6 dollars to park for the day. From there it is a 10-minute walk across the border to Los. Algodones. One of Dr. Maldonado’s staff members will meet you as you cross the Border with a sign with your name on it. They escort you to the Studio. For those who have an interest in gambling the Casino is also an option for your stay while you receive your dental care at Rose Dental Studios.

Safety While in Los Algodones

There is no concern for one’s safety when visiting this lovely little town. It has a population of approximately 13 thousand people. They are warm and welcoming of Americans. The food is superbat a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.


In closing, for those readers of this testimonial do yourself, Family members, friends, and acquaintances a huge favor and have them schedule an appointment with Rose Dental Studios. By doing so you will create a reverse suction action of money out of the overinflated pricing of U.S. dentistry into your own pocket.

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